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Plum’s Talent Resilience Platform is the only talent management platform that applies the science of Industrial/Organizational (I/O) psychology to the entire workforce at scale to quantify human potential, while enabling organizations to identify the key behavioral indicators required to be successful in any given role.

With these insights at their fingertips, customers can quickly and accurately map people to jobs where they’ll thrive, so their businesses can thrive too.

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Plum equips enterprise organizations with the right data and technology to hire, develop, and deploy their talent, so they can stay resilient in a rapidly changing world.

  • Workforce Re-org
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Workforce Planning
  • Talent Acquisition
  • Succession Planning
  • Employee Development
  • Team Building and Insights

Workforce Re-org

Properly define new roles and match people to those roles with more accuracy and less time.



Emerging Leaders

Improve the experience for high-potentials and build a stronger leadership pipeline. 


Workforce Planning

Now you can truly understand the talent across your entire organization, and move employees into new roles to keep pace with future workforce needs. 


Talent Acquisition

Plum is 4X more accurate at predicting future success than resumes alone, so you can have confidence knowing where talent will thrive in your organization.  


Succession Planning

Modern succession planning now goes beyond assessing technical skills. With Plum, invest in a diverse pool of leaders and prepare them for their new roles. 


Employee Development

Provide accurate self-insight that inspires employee-driven development. 


Team Building and Insights

Gain valuable insights into your people, enabling you to improve communication, collaboration, and performance.


Predict On-the-Job Success

measure 10 talents

In Every Person


Working effectively with people and co-operating with others.


Convincing others of a direction, activity, or idea, and influencing decision-making.


Setting goals, monitoring progress, and taking the initiative to improve their work.

Conflict Resolution

Bringing others together to resolve conflict and reconcile differences.


Generating novel solutions and creative ideas to solve problems.

Managing Others

Taking charge of a group and motivating others toward common goals.

Embracing Diversity

Understanding others' perspectives and dealing effectively with different people, regardless of experience or background.

Decision Making

Making high-quality decisions, even when presented with limited information.


Conveying ideas effectively and identifying messages that others are attempting to convey.


Adjusting to changes in the workplace while maintaining a positive demeanor.

Why Talents?

Built on decades of proven I/O psychology, Plum quantifies human potential, because while roles and hard skills may become obsolete, human potential remains constant. Plum is the only data-driven tool that reveals the 10 talents that are 4X more accurate at predicting job success than resumes, eligibility, and past experiences alone.



Put the power of an unbiased dataset at the heart of all your talent decisions. With Plum, you align a diverse workforce with the best opportunities based on human potential, instead of
race, gender, age or other subjective criteria.

"The construction industry faces a shortage of qualified field staff; however, we took on the challenge to find fresh new talent by finding the right personality fit for the roles using Plum and developed new training programs. We've seen new-hire turnover cut by 43%, and time reviewing resumes cut by 37%."

Michelle Griffin

Director of Human Resources - Homes by WestBay

Deloitte receives thousands of co-op applications each work term. Deloitte partners with Plum to help identify top talent for their co-op positions, enabling them to expand their applicant pool while reducing time spent reviewing applications.

"Plum is a great tool to help you find the diamonds in the rough that maybe you wouldn't have considered based on their resume alone."

Katie Weldon

HR & Talent Advisor - Communitech

"I wanted something that wasn't a resume screener, I'm not a resume fan. I wanted something to augment that. I was also looking for something that is user-friendly and value-added to the individual candidate."

Michael Shelsen

Global Head of Campus Recruitment and Talent Development

"Leveraging predictive talent data enables Bentley Systems’ teams to be even more effective in our process and ensure that we are placing the right people in the right roles."

Florence Zheng

Chief Talent Officer - Bentley Systems

Hyundai set out to find a platform that could help improve the quality of their hires. Plum has exceeded their expectations, and the user-friendly design enables Hyundai's hiring teams to be more efficient. They started out with a pilot in Germany, but are now using Plum internationally because it’s delivering on everything they looked for and more.

“We are impressed with how innovative and unique the Plum platform is,” “The full range of talent management capabilities, intuitive user experience and quality of data we will use to inform talent decisions across our organization made Plum really stand out. We look forward to using the Talent Resilience Platform to help take our employee development, emerging leadership and career-pathing programs to the next level.”

Carole Balligand

VP, Talent Management & Employee Engagement, Sitel Group

“Plum brings more data into the process, and by getting those metrics, it opens the window to have insightful conversations and remove biases from the interview process.” 

Mallory Hynes

Talent Acquisition Specialist - Pinnacol Assurance
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